Taking maximum 10 minutes and only 2 ingredients, these cookies keep blood sugar low | only 70 Kcal!

To feel happy, you often need very little, because treating yourself to something sweet can improve your mood and certainly make your day better. Banana almond cookies will undoubtedly make you feel extremely satisfied, because their simplicity offers a real explosion of taste.

In fact, they will make you want to eat them one after the other and every occasion will be the right one to enjoy them, because they are perfect for breakfast, as a snack or to eat a few throughout the day. All you have to do is try them and you will realize that they are among the best healthy and nutritious cookies you have ever tasted.

They are low glycemic and do not contain any flour, butter, sugar, or oil! Perfect for dieters or people with hyperglycemia! The preparation is very quick, you only need 2 ingredients (which are easy to find) and you don’t even have to mess up the kitchen as you only need a bowl and a whisk.

Low-Glycemic Recipe for Banana Almond Cookies in 10 Minutes!

Banana Almond Cookies

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15-20 minutes
Total time: approximately 30 minutes
Servings: 10 biscuits
Calories: 70 per biscuit


  • 100g ground almonds (almond flour)
  • 1 banana


  1. First, peel the banana, break it into a bowl and mash it properly with a fork or even with a potato masher.
  2. Now add the almonds ground with a mixer and reduced to flour, then mix with the spatula to obtain a dough with a soft, firm and compact consistency .
  1. Now take a spoonful of dough at a time (use a 15 ml spoon), shape with your hands to make balls, place them in a baking tray lined with special paper, crush them to obtain round disks and press on the surface of your biscuits with the potato masher to create a nice design.
  2. Finally, cook in a preheated oven for the necessary time (about 15-20 minutes) at a temperature of 180°C , but it depends on the power of your oven. So check them often!
  3. Once finished, let your biscuits cool and enjoy them.

To make the Banana Almond Cookies, you can watch the video recipe here!