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HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training for Less Fat and More Muscle

This training method has been proven to increase endurance and physical fitness. In HIIT, your body is exposed to maximum stress through intense exertion in short intervals of time. There is no specific number of time intervals. The time intervals are usually 30 seconds of exertion followed by 30 seconds of rest.

How does HIIT work?

HIIT entails alternating between high intensity exercise and active recovery periods. It can be performed in various ways, with running being the most common. For instance, sprinting serves as the high-intensity exercise phase, followed by running during the active recovery phase.

Tabata Training

The most popular form of HIIT is Tabata training. Tabata workouts involve 8 intervals, with each interval comprising 20 seconds of exertion followed by 10 seconds of rest.

This leads to a total workout time of just 4 minutes. It’s crucial to warm up before a Tabata session to prevent injury.

Other suitable variations of Tabata training include running, as mentioned previously. Full-body exercises can also be employed for Tabata workouts. For instance, a Tabata session can include 8 intervals of burpees, which are a combination of a push-up and an overhead jump.

Who is HIIT best for?

HIIT, as the name suggests, is known for its intense and demanding workloads. To withstand these workouts, a certain level of preparation is necessary, including basic endurance. This also means that HIIT may not be the ideal method for beginners looking to improve their endurance and physical fitness. It is better suited for advanced athletes aiming to push their bodies to the limit.

What does HIIT do for you?

HIIT boosts fat metabolism, particularly for hours post-workout. It also enhances muscular endurance and cardiovascular training. Regular cardio boosts maximum oxygen uptake.

Time efficiency is a major advantage. HIIT has been shown to save time, typically condensing to 30 minutes and often more effective than a 60-minute moderate-intensity cardio workout. However, ensuring adequate recovery time is crucial. A 48-hour rest period is advisable.

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