15 Quick and Tasty Meals Ready in Less Than 20 Minutes

These quick, tasty and healthy meals will be ready in 20 minutes or less and will satisfy the following two basic conditions: they will be easy to cook and also nutritionally balanced.

Quick easy meals to make when you don’t have time to eat well.

1. Tomato, avocado and mozzarella salad

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This is as simple by cutting slices of tomato, avocado and fresh mozzarella. You place them in a spiral pattern on a plate. Dress with oil, salt and red pepper. Decorate with fresh basil leaves. And you can accompany this healthy food with some tender sprouts or a mix of already cut and washed lettuces. If you have doubts, find out if avocado is fattening or not.

2. Tomato and Cheese Macaroni

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Pasta doesn’t have to be fattening if it’s made in the right amount, making it a perfect fit for rich, healthy fast food. While cooking the macaroni (about 10–12 minutes), grate the tomato and mix it with fresh chopped basil (you can also sauté it a little bit if you want). Then, add the drained pasta. Put mozzarella, goat cheese (or cottage cheese if you prefer a lighter version) on top. Heat it up a little in the microwave to make it melt.

3. Sauteed beef and vegetables with rice

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It is not recommended to eat red meat more than once a week, however, eating it on time will provide you with a good amount of iron and vitamin B12, which are essential for the body and avoid anemia. Here we have sautéed in a wok some beef strips together with some vegetables, and we have accompanied them with some boiled rice.

4. Bean Salad

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Grab a bunch of cooked and drained canned beans. Mix them with a chopped tomato, red and green bell pepper, cucumber, avocado and onion. Finish with a few cubes of fresh cheese. Then serve this legume salad on a wheat or corn tortilla.

5. Macaroni with prawns

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When the pasta is cooked, some prawns are peeled (they are sold already cooked at a very good price and can be frozen in portions). Then drain it once cooked. Put it in a small refractory pan with the prawns and some chopped basil leaves. Sprinkle grated cheese on top. Heat it up for a minute in the microwave and you will have a healthy meal in no time.

6. Noodles with chicken and vegetables

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For easy and healthy meals you need to save time when cooking and preparing healthy meals (with a good vegetable base, some animal or vegetable protein, and some carbohydrates or cereals). This recipe, for example, is made by sautéing some already washed and chopped vegetables together with some chicken strips while cooking the noodles. To give the oriental noodle roll, we serve it in a bowl with some of the cooking water. It’s good, right?

7. Turkey Chop with Roasted Vegetables

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An easy way to speed up this recipe, that also suits as an easy dinner, is to cook the potatoes in the microwave. Wash them without removing the skin, prick them, put them in a microwave container, and cook them at maximum power 4–5 minutes. Let them cool down a bit, cut them into slices and roast them together with tomato slices and onion strips. Finally, add some grilled turkey chops that you can make at the same time as the vegetables.

8. Tuna and boiled egg salad

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This recipe’s trick to make it super fast is to simultaneously perform several steps at once. In the microwave, while you make some potato slices and some baby beans in a silicon case (at most you need about 10–15 minutes), you prepare a boiled egg. Next, put the potato and the green bean on a lettuce base, together with some tomato segments, the egg cut into quarters and crumbled tuna. An easy and tasty salad.

9. Quinoa Salad

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This quinoa recipe can be made like a couscous. Slice into small cubes with a very small purple onion, cucumber, and green and red bell pepper. Mix it with a small glass of pre-cooked quinoa. And let it macerate for a few minutes with a thread of olive oil, lemon juice and fresh mint. If you want it to be a little more complete, you can add some cooked chickpeas or some chicken breast taquitos.

10. Omelets stuffed with chicken breast and peppers

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First, sauté the green, red and yellow bell pepper strips. Then, make thin, round French omelets with an egg. Place a slice of chicken breast, some sautéed bell pepper strips and roll them up in each tortilla. To make it more balanced, complete the dish with a mixture of tender sprouts. This is one of the quick and easy recipes for when you don’t want to make life difficult for yourself.

11. Vegetables with sardines en papillote

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A star technique of easy and healthy meals is papillote, that consists of cooking food using their own juices. You can do it by mounting an envelope with sulfurized paper and baking it, or to save time, with a silicone case in the microwave. Underneath, put slices of potato and strips of zucchini and carrot. On top, sardines. Dress with oil and spices. And cook at most for 8 minutes (depending on whether you like it more or less done).

12. Rice with tuna and onions

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Another key to fast, tasty and healthy meals is to make simple preparations and very basic cooking. While boiling the rice with a handful of frozen peas, we sautéed onions and grilled some tuna fillets, which is a fish rich in beneficial omega 3. Alternatively, to gain even more time, you can use already cooked rice from another day or the one they sell already prepared.

13. Chickpeas with spinach

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You can find infinite recipes of chickpeas with spinach. But this is made in a flash and it is delicious. Sautee a couple of handfuls of fresh spinach. Add a handful of cooked chickpeas. Remove and complete with finely chopped red onion, and raisins and pine nuts or other healthy nuts. Also, a boiled egg or a bit of desalted and crumbled cod would be very tasty.

14. Grilled fish with salad

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Its as easy to prepare as a salad with tender sprouts, already washed and cut, tomatoes cut in half, strips of bell pepper, and complete the dish with a grilled or steamed fish. This way it is done faster and is much lighter and healthier than fried or breaded. To give a more powerful touch to the dish, you can dress it with a bit of garlic and parsley sautéed in oil.

15. Fruit salad

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To do this, put a mixture of tender sprouts and sprouts as a base, and complete it with seasonal fruits (in this case, strawberries, mango and avocado). And if you want it to work as a unique, healthy and balanced dish, you can add a little protein by adding some Iberian ham shavings or some anchovies.

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