10 Workout for Abs of Steel in Less Than 20 Minutes

Get abs of steel in under 20 minutes with these 10 quick workout to tone your lower abdomen. Transform your body effectively today!

If summer and your favorite bikinis are ready, but your abs are still not so ready, you need to follow this guide of strategic points to tone and shape your tummy.

All of these exercises should be done once you’ve finished a light warm-up and stretching, then you will lie down on the floor using a yoga mat or mat and start working your body with these 10 quick and easy abs of steel workout to tone your lower abdomen in less than 20 minutes.

Abs of steel workout in under 20 minutes

1. Heel touch

HIIT Workout

This exercise is a great exercise to target the oblique muscles and work the abs. so, lying on your back and with your knees bent, you will touch each of your heels with a slow but constant step, trying especially to tighten your abs to work them with better results. You should do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

2. Inchworm

HIIT Workout

The inchworm exercise is a full body exercise that primarily targets the core, abs, shoulders and legs. To begin, assume a push-up position. Keeping your knees straight, without moving your hands, take small steps forward while feeling a pleasant stretch in your hamstrings. Walk as close to your hands as possible. Next, keep your elbows straight without moving your feet and “walk” forward until you return to the push-up position. Repeat the exercise. Do 15 repetitions of each leg for 3 sets.

3. Leg lifts

HIIT Workout

You will raise your legs to a 45 degree angle and then lower them without touching the floor, increasing the pressure on your abdomen. You will do this for 30 seconds and then rest for another 30 seconds to avoid fatiguing the muscles to continue for 3 sets.

4. Spider-man crawl

HIIT Workout

This exercise targets the abs and works the core, shoulders, chest and arms. Start in a push-up position. Move forward by simultaneously taking a large step with your right arm and left leg – lowering yourself close to the floor and bringing your left knee toward your right elbow. This movement is similar to Spider-Man climbing a building. Alternate sides while keeping your body close to the ground. To increase the intensity, crawl in reverse. Do 20 repetitions for a total of 3 sets.

5. X-factor abs

HIIT Workout

The X-factor abs workout is a fitness program designed to target and strengthen the abdominal muscles. while lying on the floor, draw an imaginary X; lift a weight in each hand and perform this exercise for 15 repetitions on each leg for 3 sets.

6. C-curve

HIIT Workout

For this exercise, you will do a kind of sit-up, holding a ball tightly between your knees and raising your hands with a weight on each side, at the same time squeezing your abdomen. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

7. Bear crawl in place

HIIT Workout

This workout targets the abs, obliques, and lower back, enhancing core strength and stability. Begin in a tabletop stance with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Elevate knees slightly off the ground, maintaining a hover above the floor. Progress by crawling forward, synchronizing opposite hand and foot movements while engaging the core and keeping the back flat. Repeat this exercise for a total of 20 repetitions of 3 sets.

8. Army crawl

HIIT Workout

To perform the Army Crawl, begin by getting into a plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to heels. Engaging your core, lower yourself to the floor by bending your elbows, then push back up to the plank using your arms. Do this crawl for 20 repetitions for 3 sets.

9. Flutter kicks

HIIT Workout

This exercise is a combination of crunches and resistance in your legs, as it will be very important that you keep one of your feet resisting 2 inches off the ground while you press with your left foot raised as straight as possible and your ab squeezed hard. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

10. Plank

HIIT Workout

The plank is an effective way to focus on and strengthen your core muscles, especially your abdominals. To perform, lie face down with your elbows on the floor, supporting your body with your arms and toes. Begin by holding for 30 seconds for the first three days, then increase to 60 seconds.

Finally, remember that to get the best results from these abs of steel, you need to eat a balanced diet and be consistent with your workouts.

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