4 exercises to do at home in 10 minutes to burn all abdominal fat in 4 weeks

Abdominal fat is one of the most difficult to eliminate and to do so, in addition to changing your eating habits, you need to adopt the right training plan which almost always also includes performing cardio or running exercises.

If running isn’t really your thing, or maybe you can’t do it due to certain physical conditions, don’t think that losing weight is impossible. Running is not the only exercise that allows us to burn many calories and lose abdominal fat . There are many exercises that allow us to burn many more.

Below we list 4 of these exercises, which can be done at home and which do not have any negative impact on the joints compared to running.

Read carefully the following exercises that allow us to burn more calories than running , and which you can easily perform without going to the gym.

Jumping jacks

Hiit workout

It consists of jumping by opening your arms and legs at the same time. This cardio exercise, as easy as it may seem, is high intensity and allows us to burn a lot of calories (about 8-10 per minute).


Hiit workout

To perform it, do a squat, lower yourself to a push-up and then jump up. This is another high-intensity exercise that, although not for everyone, allows us to burn about one and a half calories per burpee.

Jump rope

Hiit workout

Surely you did it as a child, without knowing that this high intensity exercise can make us burn between 400 and 600 calories per hour. Not bad!

Go upstairs

Hiit workout

One of the most underrated and useful exercises for burning calories: about 1000 per hour and practically double that of running. Not to mention that climbing stairs also strengthens your quadriceps and glutes.

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