10 floor exercises to get rid of folds on your back and side

Are you tired of seeing folds on your back and side? These stubborn areas can be difficult to target, but with the right exercises, you can tone and strengthen your back muscles for a smoother, more defined look.

In this article, we’ll share 10 floor exercises that specifically target the back and side muscles to help you get rid of those pesky folds.

Why Target the Back and Side Muscles?

The back and side muscles, also known as the latissimus dorsi and obliques, play a crucial role in supporting your spine and maintaining good posture. When these muscles are weak or underdeveloped, it can lead to folds and bulges in these areas.

By targeting these muscles with specific exercises, you can strengthen and tone them, leading to a more defined and smooth appearance on your back and sides.

Benefits of Strengthening Your Back and Side Muscles

  • Improved posture: Strong back and side muscles help support your spine, leading to better posture and reduced strain on your back.
  • Reduced risk of injury: By strengthening these muscles, you can reduce your risk of back injuries and pain.
  • Improved appearance: Targeting these muscles can help reduce folds and bulges on your back and sides, leading to a more toned and defined look.

10 Floor Exercises to Target Your Back and Side Muscles

1. Boat with hands pulled back

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This exercise removes fat deposits from the abdomen, lower back and sides. Improves posture and nourishes the tissues around the spine. Restores mobility to pelvic and shoulder joints.

How to do it: Lie on your stomach, legs together, straightening and stretching your socks, lower to the floor. Raise your head, shoulders and upper chest and extend your arms forward. Perform a boat – bend the lower back, tear off the body and legs. At the top, flex elbows and pull arms behind back. Squeeze your shoulder blades as you bring your arms together.

How many reps :15-20 repetitions.

2. Plank diagonally

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This exercise increases calorie expenditure by working many muscles in the upper and lower body, this process activates fat burning. Folds on the back disappear more quickly.

How to do it: Lying prone on the mat, assume a straight-arm plank position. Create a single line in the spine, do not bend the knees. Pull your left thigh up to the elbow of the same name, bring it back and repeat, only crosswise to the right arm. Two knee pull-ups is one rep. Repeat with the opposite leg.

How many reps : 10-12 repetitions, first on one leg, then on the other.

3. Hunting Dog

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This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lumbar region, arms, legs and buttocks, developing coordination. Small stabilizers are pumped, accelerating the burning of fat on the back. The stoop disappears, flexibility improves and the position of the spine normalizes. The waist becomes slimmer.

How to do it: Get down on all fours, straighten your elbows, place your hands directly under your shoulders, and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Keep your spine straight. Raise straight left leg and right arm to level with back. Hold for a second, then lower your limbs and switch sides. Do not disturb the position of the body. Repeat on both sides.

How many reps :10-15 repetitions on each side.

4. Arm to leg lying on back in two variations

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This exercise focused pumping of the side muscle bundles and core strengthening.

How to do it: Roll over onto your back, straighten your legs, place your left hand under your head and stretch your right hand out to the side. Perform two movements. First, perform a crunch by pulling your right thigh toward your left elbow. Then lower yourself and repeat, keeping your limbs straight. Two crunches is one rep. Repeat on the opposite side.

How many reps : 10-12 reps, first on one side, then the other.

5. Dynamic Plank

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This exercise increases strength, power, and endurance of the core, lower back, abdominal, arms, and legs. A dynamic, complex, coordinated load on the body increases fat burning in the back by increasing blood flow to the waist and sides. Posture is corrected, and tissues near the spine are strengthened.

How to do it: Sit in a plank position on your elbows with your forearms on the floor, your feet on your toes, and your legs together. Lift your stomach, do not bend your back. Shift your weight to your right hand and turn into a side plank, extending your straight left arm upward. Return and repeat on the other side. Alternate sides.

How many reps : 10 to 12 repetitions on each side.

6. Butterfly lying on stomach

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This exercise strengthens the psoas muscles with a static load. In the boat position, the buttocks, legs and abdominals are also involved in the work. The arms and shoulders work intensively, the chest opens up, the posture is corrected, the folds of the back disappear.

How to do it: Lie down on the mat with your stomach on the floor, stretch your legs. Take the position of the boat – lift your legs from the floor, arms stretched forward, head and upper body. Hold the pose. Take your straight arms behind your back and back, imitating the butterfly style of swimming.

How many reps : 15-20 repetitions.

7. Plank Pelvic Twists

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This workout targets the waist, tones the abs, and strengthens the core’s lateral muscles. Twisting boosts blood flow to tissues, aiding in fat burning and eliminating back and side folds. Stabilizers and back muscles are engaged.

How to do it: Start in an elbow plank with forearms on the floor and toes supporting the feet. Keep your core taut, maintain a straight spine, and avoid arching your lower back. Rotate your pelvis to the left toward the floor, then back to center before rotating to the right.

How many reps : 10-15 repetitions on each side.

8. Corner pose with arms abducted

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This exercise strengthens the obliques, abdominals, and back muscles. The rectus abdominis acts as a stabilizer and is indirectly involved in the movement. Fat burning is activated in the core area, tightening the sides, showing relief and making the figure athletic.

How to do it: Roll over and sit on the mat. Take a corner pose – connect your legs, bend at the knees, lift slightly from the floor and hold in the air. Tilt your body back slightly and place your hands in front of your chest. After turning your body to the right, pull back your right hand and touch the floor behind you with your fingers. Then come back and repeat on the left side.

How many reps : 15-20 repetitions on each side.

9. Side Twist

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How to do it: Lie on your right side, bend your lower leg at the knee, keep your upper leg straight. Put your right hand on the floor in front of you and lift your head. Bend your left hand, remove the back of your head. Bend your hip and pull your knee toward your elbow. Then come back and repeat the twist, making a small swing with a straight leg. Two sit-ups is one rep. Repeat on the opposite side.

How many reps : 10 to 12 reps, starting with one leg, then switching to the other leg.

10. Side Plank Pelvic Lift

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This exercise strengthens the core and improves support for the spine by pumping the inner and outer beams that contour the sides. The dynamism of the barbell allows you to burn more calories, which helps to get rid of excess belly fat. Increased joint mobility.

How to do it: Lying on your side, assume a side plank position-supporting your forearm and elbow, the outside of your lower foot. Place the other hand in a flexed position at the waist and lift the pelvis slightly. Without changing the plane of the body and without falling forward, lower the pelvis to the floor. The body is collected and tensed. Repeat on opposite side.

How many reps : 10-15, alternating from one leg to the other.

By incorporating these 10 floor exercises into your workout routine, you can target and strengthen your back and side muscles for a more toned and defined appearance. Remember to start slow, focus on form, and stay consistent for the best results. Say goodbye to folds on your back and side and hello to a stronger, more confident you!

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