Strengthen your lower body with this leg workout at home

Strengthen your lower body with this effective at-home leg workout. Target your inner thighs, buttocks, abs, and back for a complete lower-body burn.

In this article we show the most effective leg exercises for every level – with or without equipment. And the best part is that you’ll not only work out your inner thighs, but also your buttocks, abs and back fat.

In fact, you can do all of these leg workouts in the comfort on your own home using body weight – but if you want to step it up a notch, you should do them with a resistance band if possible.

Get fit for summer with this leg and butt workout featuring six exercises you can do anywhere.

1- Squats

The most common and popular leg exercise is squats. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch the muscles before heavier exercises.

The feet are placed a little wider than shoulder width, the foot is not lifted off the floor, the back is straight. When lifting, the body weight should be shifted to the heel.

As you bend your legs, your pelvis is pulled back and your upper body leans slightly forward. Knees are slightly forward. Do 20-25 squats.

2- Explosive Squats

After warming up the upper leg muscles, we move on to a more challenging exercise. Explosive squats are a continuation of the warm-up part of the leg exercises, aimed at maintaining the tone of the calf muscles.

The leg and body positioning is similar to the previous exercise. Unlike the normal squat, where the body weight is lifted by the heel, the explosive squat places the emphasis on the toes.

The first part of the exercise is done using the technique of the normal squat: bending the legs, taking the pelvis back and moving the upper part of the body forward. Lifting is done with a sharp upward jerk by pushing the body out with the toes. Do three 10-round sets.

3- Sumo squat

After the warm-up, move on to the main part of the exercises for legs. Sumo squat, engages almost all the muscles of the legs.

Knees and feet are spread apart by 45 degrees. To perform this exercise, you need to tense your abs, as they will help keep your torso upright.

Fixing the position of the spine, begin to bend the knees and descend. Descend as low as possible. The exercise is performed in 4 sets of 10-12 times.

After two or three weeks of training this exercise can be made more complicated by adding jumps as well. It is not necessary to do explosive pliés during the first exercises. It requires greater muscle preparation and is fraught with injury.

5- Wall-squat

There are two variants of exercises on holding own weight: at the wall and free. You should start with the easier first exercise. After a few sessions, you can move away from the wall.

The back is flat, in an upright position resting against the wall. Legs bent so that the hips are parallel to the floor. The foot is not off the floor.

The second variation of this exercise is slightly different. In the free holding of your own body, your torso has a slight tilt forward. The time of the exercise is from 1 to 2 minutes.

6- Split

The last exercise that will help you build up your legs at home is the split. To perform this exercise you will need a chair or a step trainer.

Stand with your back to the chair and put one leg on it. Do the squat on the other leg, which remains on the floor.

Don’t put the knee of the loaded leg forward, move the center of gravity to the heel. Do 10-12 squats on one leg, then the same amount on the second leg. The break between approaches, no more than a minute. Do a total of three approaches.

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Share these workouts with all your friends.They’ll thank you later when they get a slender leg.