What lingerie is best for your body type?

What lingerie is best for my shy girlfriend? So, discover the perfect lingerie for your shy girlfriend! Choose beautiful pieces that enhance her curves and make her feel irresistibly sexy.

We know (and that’s a wonderful thing!) that there is no such thing as a perfect body. The sizing revolution allows us to find lingerie for all women and all bodies: sexy lingerie sets, bras, slimming and shaping garments. Comfort, sensuality, design and your morphology come together to enhance your personality.

What lingerie is best for your body type?

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There are eight ways that female morphology classifies the female body according to body type. We all have one of these shapes as our base, and lingerie design takes them in mind.

What Lingerie Is Best For My Shy Girlfriend?

Culotte panties for curvy women

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If you have curves, a pair of panties with culottes will allow you to show them off, but in a comfortable way. You will avoid the marks on your hips that would be left by narrower panties and that would also be left when you wear a dress or pants.

You can also wear panties that are wider at the sides if you have pronounced hips. The sexiest are those with lace and the most comfortable are those without seams. Some models combine both.

Slimming girdles with a high waist will help you to hide your belly and you can wear them with tight dresses as well.

High waist panties for firm buttocks

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When you are looking for your ideal lingerie set, choose high waist panties. They will enhance the shape of your buttocks. Not only that, but this type of lingerie will help your morphology by drawing attention to your waist. They look longer!

If your buttocks are flat? Go for a bodysuit

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It is certainly a very sensual garment. But it can also be very comfortable. If you have flat buttocks, choose a body with Brazilian panties. By covering only half of the buttocks, they will look fuller and firmer. Ruffled panties or low-cut V-shaped thongs or Brazilian briefs can also accentuate the hips.

Triangle bras for women with small breasts

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Thank goodness we’ve moved on from the push-up bra craze. We’ve embraced more natural results, no matter what your shape. Triangle bras create elegant necklines without sacrificing the support you need. Choose sexy bras with lace, satin, bold prints or bright colors.

Underwired bras for women with large breasts

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The care of large breasts is as important as their enhancement. Sexy lingerie can be the perfect combination of care and comfort. Look for lingerie sets with underwire bras.

Finding the right size is key. When matching your bra to your clothes, you can choose from balconette bras, full cup bras or even slimming bras (without suffering). Brassieres with wide straps are no longer what they were a few years ago: you can now find them with appliqués and embroidery to show them off with elegance. Retro lingerie is all the rage: bras inspired by models from the 60s, for example.

Halter bras for defined shoulders and wide backs

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The halter bras are the ones that will help you to refine your silhouette and bring it closer to the morphology of the hourglass. Another type of bra that will shape your morphology is the triangle, with models with a low-cut neckline. You can also bring the focus to the hips with culottes or lace panties. For this morphology, our advice is to avoid strapless bras or bras with straight straps.

Give volume to a straight body with outfits that accentuate your silhouette

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In this case, you must wear underwear that breaks up the proportions of your body and draws attention to your breasts (e.g. with a balcony bra), waist and hips (with lacy or printed high-waisted briefs, thongs, culottes or shorts). You must emphasize your curves: Don’t wear panties that flatten your bottom!

Low-cut bodysuits for short women

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To lengthen the leg and enhance the bust, choose low-cut bodysuits at the bust and hips. You can also try strapless bras or fancy balconette bras and medium or low-rise bikini bottoms to visually lengthen your torso.

Bodysuits are also highly recommended for women with a diamond morphology, as their effect is to shape the abdominal area and draw attention to the chest and legs.

That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you make the most of your lingerie, bras, panties and slimming and/or body shaping garments. Every woman’s body is unique. So the best advice is to go for it! Try different cuts, textures and prints for different occasions.

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