Why Women Put Cabbage Leaves On Their Breasts Will Surprise You!

The surprising benefits of using cabbage leaves on breast. Learn why women worldwide swear by this natural remedy for breast health.

Cabbage leaves are used to reduce breast swelling and relieve the pain and discomfort caused by breastfeeding a baby. In addition, this method is also very helpful in relieving the pain and stress caused by wearing uncomfortable bras.

I can tell you that we’re talking about breasts here. There are those who would like them to be nice and firm, those who would like them to be voluminous, and those who would like to put an end to a number of annoying problems associated with them instead.

Without surgery, scalpels or prosthetics, of course. And how? With cabbage! And not in the ironic sense of the word, but for real, using the vegetable inside the bra.

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But how does this make you smile? By putting 2 cabbage leaves in your bra, you can achieve amazing results. We’ll have a look together at what they are in our article.

The surprising use of cabbage leaves on breast

This innovative discovery with surprising effects is creating a lot of buzz. It’s about using the beneficial properties of the cabbage leaf, a completely natural solution that can be incredibly beneficial to all women. By simply placing a cabbage leaves on breast, many have already rushed to prove the veracity of this discovery.

The benefits, they swear, are absolutely incredible and meet the needs of all women, even those who are breast feeding. This natural remedy can also be used by men, for example, if you feel pain in your legs, just place a leaf on the problem area: here are all the benefits.

Few people knew that cabbage leaves have surprising benefits, especially for women. In particular, simply placing a cabbage leaf on the breast will cure some discomforts, such as swelling, pain, problems caused by breastfeeding, or discomfort caused by the bra. These are very common problems among women, so this free remedy can be a godsend for many.

How to use cabbage leaves on breast?

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First, put the cabbage leaves in the refrigerator for 1 hour. When they are cool enough, it is necessary to peel off the outer layer of hours and throw it away.

Next, take some leaves from the inside to use. Once you have the leaves, it is very important to wash them in cold water. This will ensure that they are clean and free of dirt, pesticides and residue.

Next, the stems of the leaves should be cut so that they fit snugly into the breasts without covering the nipples. Next, place the clean, cold cabbage leaves on the breasts. Wrap the leaves around the breasts, always leaving the nipples exposed.

This will help keep the skin around the nipples dry and intact. Leave the leaves in place for about 20 minutes or until they warm up. Then remove and reapply as needed.

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Please note that if you are still breastfeeding and wish to use cabbage leaves on breast to reduce swelling and alleviate breast engorgement, you should stop as soon as you notice that you are feeling better and the swelling has gone down.

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