Alum Stone Deodorant Natural Alternatives That Actually Work

Discover the natural benefits of alum stone deodorant – an effective and eco-friendly alternative that actually works wonders for your health and well being.

Proponents of natural cosmetics often express concern about the abundance of chemical compounds in certain products. Deodorants and antiperspirants in particular have come under scrutiny. Alum stone is presented as an alternative to these products. What exactly is alum stone and what are its uses? Is it advisable to use stone?

Surely you have heard of Alum Stone, since it has become popular in recent years, it has also gained the affection of many people, but if you still don’t know much about it, here we tell you what it is and what this great product is for.

Why is it called alum stone?

Alum Stone Deodorant Natural Alternatives That Actually Work

This stone is a mineral, originally from the Middle East, which is characterized by having a star component: the active potassium alum, hence its name.

It is a product with no risk of allergic reaction and is easy to use: apply directly after showering to damp skin, armpits, feet, hands, forehead or neck. And another positive thing: there is no alcohol, perfume, paraben or aluminum hydrochloride. In addition, it is a great ally of savings, since a 60 gram alum stone lasts approximately one year.

What does alum stone look like?

Its appearance is that of a semi-transparent, whitish stone. There are two types of stone: the natural one, composed of potassium alum, which is the most recommended; and the synthetic one, to which ammonium and aluminum are added, which loses most of its properties.

What is alum stone used for?

According to a study published by the National Institute of Health (USA), potassium alum stone is also effective as an antibacterial and astringent remedy .

The benefits of the stone are multiple, because in addition to serving as a deodorant, it can help you with acne or soothe some wounds, but do not worry, because here we explain more in depth.

Alum Stone Deodorant Natural Alternatives That Actually Work

Steps to Make a Homemade Alum Stone Deodorant

Discover two methods to turn alum stone into a very effective homemade deodorant.

Method 1

You can use the whole alum stone as a deodorant substitute. Just moisten it in water and rub it before applying it to your armpits. Alum stones can also be applied to your feet to eliminate odors.

Method 2

Content creator Val Barrales shared this trick on her TikTok account, and now we’re sharing it with you so you can make your own homemade deodorant spray

  • Place a medium alum stone in a small container.
  • Using a funnel, add half a cup of water
  • Let it rest for 4 to 6 days to concentrate its properties in the water.
  • After this time, transfer the “home remedy” into a spray.

Say goodbye to acne and blackheads

Thanks to its antiseptic nature, alum helps you to eliminate bacteria and impurities from your face and therefore, it will help you to have an even deeper facial cleansing. As a suggestion, use it at night.

Alum Stone Deodorant Natural Alternatives That Actually Work

Helps to heal burns and wounds

Believe it or not, this wonderful mineral is ideal for this hot season because we tend to sunbathe more than the rest of the year, here is the tip, if you pass the stone wet (or on your wet skin) you will avoid friction between your thighs and soothe some irritated areas.

To do this, simply massage the stone on your body with circular motions for five minutes, but do not apply too much pressure to the areas. Remember that the ideal is to wet the stone and your skin with cold water.

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