One move to tone legs, glutes, improve your core strength, and lose weight

Get ready to power up your lower body with 180 jumps squat! This Hiit workout targets glutes, hip flexors, and quads for a full-body burn.

The 180 jumps squat is a plyometric exercise that fully engages the lower body and core, helping to develop strength, speed and increase the aerobic capacity of the body. Tightens legs and glutes, improves core strength and helps you lose weight.

This exercise primarily works the Quadricep smuscle , hamstrings, calf muscles, glutes and hip flexors. These are the primary muscles. The abdominals, calves, hamstrings and lower back are worked alternately and secondarily.

Hiit workout

How to do 180 jumps squat exercise for beginners

Hiit workout

  • bend your knees and bring your arms back
  • Now you straighten your legs and bring your arms in front of your body to generate momentum
  • Make sure that you stick your butt out backwards and that your knees do not extend past your toes
  • explosively push yourself off the ground and turn 180 degrees in the air
  • cushion the jump with a soft landing
  • Your knees will bend and you can immediately initiate the next jump
  • the body weight is placed on the balls of the feet
  • make several jumps in a row

Keep your breathing smooth and steady, and keep your back aligned by keeping your chest up and your hips back. Jump with pressure on the heels of your feet and land softly on the toes and balls of your feet with your knees slightly bent. As you squat, don’t let your knees extend past your toes, and squeeze your core as you jump back up.

180 Jumps Squat Benefits

The 180 jumps squat has great benefits on several levels. This type of plyometric exercise results in the entire lower body gaining a lot of strength.

Not only the legs, but also the core of the body, supported by concentration and balance, are strengthened. For those who wish to improve their cardiac endurance, the implementation of this jump is ideal.

As a final recommendation for those who do not dare to do the 180-degree jump, you can start from the squat position to jump and turn already in an upright position. Another alternative is to make shorter turns from the squat. As you gain confidence, the twist will become more complete, so go ahead and experience new challenges!

To perform squat jumps and 180 ankle lunges, practice them first. Once you are comfortable with your form, combine the two movements and do 2 to 3 sets of 30 seconds of the 180 jump squat exercise.

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