7 Minutes Workouts to Build Strength and Lose Weight Faster Than Run

Discover effective HIIT workouts to lose weight faster than a 40-minute run. With easy exercises, burn fat and achieve your weight loss goals efficiently

It is a HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) program , published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal and made popular by the New York Times , which consists of 12 exercises to be performed for 30 seconds each (the ideal would be try to do at least 20 repetitions), interspersed with 10 seconds of recovery

This high intensity workout would give a boost to your metabolism and would be the equivalent of a workout lasting more than an hour, but condensed into just 7 minutes!

According to the scientists who created the circuit, this exercises program would be more effective, especially for burning fat and Lose Weight , than a 40-minute run.

Plus, it can be done anywhere and in just 7 minutes : two features that make it perfect to include in daily routines, even for those with little time.

Perform the circuit only once ( twice a week ) while continuing to walk as much as you can every day. Little by little, you can increase the training times until you reach 2 repetitions for 3 days a week.

7 minutes to build strength and Lose Weight

1 – Windshield Wipers

Hiit workout

Lying on your back, raise your legs to 90 degrees with your back flat on the floor and your arms open. You can perform the exercise with straight legs ( if you are trained ) or slightly bend your legs.

Inhale and exhale, bring your legs to the right, keeping your belly drawn in. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement to the left.

Make 10 swings to the right + 10 to the left, alternating them.

2- Push up

Hiit workout

Kneeling in cat pose , arms open a little wider than shoulder width. Lower yourself to the ground by flexing your arms and opening your elbows.

To perform the movement well and not risk hurting yourself, keep your back straight and tuck your stomach in throughout the entire descent. Do 15 repetitions.

3- Ab crunch

Hiit workout

Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet flat on the floor. She inhales and exhales, raises her shoulders from the ground and brings one hand towards the opposite knee trying to feel the contraction of the abdomen.

Inhaling, release the pressure and exhaling, bring your hand towards your knee again, performing the exercise 8 times on each side .

4- Step-up

Hiit workout

Go up and down the step keeping your shoulders relaxed and your back straight.

Buttocks contracted, knees not stiff, body protracted forward and gaze straight ahead.

Perform the movement for 15 seconds.

5- Squats

Hiit workout

Start standing, legs shoulder width apart, toes rotated slightly outwards and body weight perfectly centered. Bend your knees as if you are about to sit on a chair.

Bring your buttocks back feeling the weight of your body on your heels, keep your torso straight, your abdomen active and your arms forward to facilitate balance during the descent phase. Do 15 repetitions.

6- Triceps dip on chair

Hiit workout

Starting standing with your back to the chair, place your palms on the edge. Flex your knees at a right angle and, placing your heels firmly on the ground, lower your shoulders while supporting the weight of your body.

Bend your arms bringing your buttocks down and return to the starting position. Do 15 repetitions.

7- Plank

Hiit workout

Kneeling with your elbows on the ground, bring your straight legs back, placing your feet on your big toes. He lifts his pelvis, taking care to keep his back straight and parallel to the floor, brings his stomach in and contracts his buttocks.

Very important : never let the belly hang out. The cervicals must be in a neutral position, that is, in the extension of the body. Hold the position for 15 seconds .

8- Running in place

Hiit workout

Run in place for 15 seconds alternating your arm with the opposite leg. The push must be performed only with the forefoot and the execution of the exercise must not be too fast or too slow.

When the exercise is easy for you to perform, you can increase the intensity by running with your knees high.

9- Lunges

Hiit workout

Starting standing, step forward with your right foot, hands on your hips. Bend your left leg downwards until it forms a right angle, both knees at 90 degrees, keeping your back straight and your abs contracted.

Return to the starting position. Perform this movement 8 times for each leg.

10- Side plank

Hiit workout

Lying on your right side, legs straight, leaning on your right forearm. Inhaling, lift your pelvis from the ground and lift yourself up, keeping your legs and back well aligned. The belly must be inward and the abdominal contracted.

You can place your left arm along your body or your hand on your hip.

Hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise on the other side.

11- Wall sit

Hiit workout

Standing with your back to the wall, with your feet about half a meter from the wall, slide down until your legs form a 90-degree angle.

Hold the position for 15 seconds, making sure to balance your weight on your heels. Inhale and exhale bring your belly in. Concentrate on your breathing and keep your belly in.

12– Straight leg crunches

Hiit workout

Still lying on the ground, raise your legs to 90 degrees, keeping your arms along your body. If you want, you can open your arms slightly to make it easier to perform.

Inhale and, as you exhale, lower your legs straight towards the ground, keeping your stomach in and being careful not to arch your back .

This exercise must be done slowly so as to perform it well.

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