Get a flat stomach with 5 simple exercises, you only need a chair!

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can do simple exercises in the comfort of your own home. These exercises will help you tone your abdomen and tone your muscles, all you need is a sturdy chair with a high back.

5 Workouts For a Perfect Abs You Only Need a Chair

1. Tilt the hips

Hiit workout

  • Place your hands on the seat of your chair (they should be shoulder-width apart).
  • Extend your feet backward, supporting only your toes as you tense your abdomen.
  • Lift your hips slightly and roll gently from side to side without moving your feet.

Repeat this exercise 20 times, alternating each side. Good advice: never stop tightening your abs.

2. Raise your knees

Hiit workout

  • Sit on the edge of a chair with your hands on the edge of the seat.
  • Bring your knees together, squeeze your abdomen, and lift your legs (keeping your knees bent and together).
  • Then make a semi-circular movement. Be careful and try not to arch your back during the exercise.

Repeat 20 times.

3. Raise one leg

Hiit workout

  • Stand on the side of the chair and place your left hand on the back of the chair.
  • Put your right hand behind your head.
  • Shift your weight to your left leg, then gently raise your right leg (straight for more difficulty or bent for an easier version). Lean your upper body back toward the chair.

Do 20 repetitions, then switch sides. The arm on the back of the chair is for balance, but don’t lean on it! And keep your elbow open to avoid straining your neck.

4. Side Plank

Hiit workout

  • Stand on the side of the chair, bend your left elbow and lean on the center of the seat (your elbow should be under your shoulder).
  • Hold a side plank position with your right hand behind your head. You can also rotate your right shoulder toward the seat (your hips should remain still as you rotate).

Do 10 repetitions on each side. Be sure to maintain a straight line from your heels to your head. If the chair has a very hard seat, you can place a pillow underneath to make your forearm more comfortable.

5. Arms straight

Hiit workout

  • Sit on edge of chair with knees bent and feet flat on floor.
  • Put your hands behind your head.
  • Twist your torso to the left and hold for a few seconds, then twist further to the left (as far as you can) and hold for a few seconds before returning to starting position.

Repeat, alternating sides, 20 times. Exhale as you rotate and inhale as you return to center.