Candlestick Exercise: The perfect ab workout at home

Transform your abs with the candlestick exercise – a powerful core workout you can do at home. Perfect for all fitness levels. Get started today!

Finding an exercise to do at home that will help us gain abdominal muscle mass and functional strength is not easy. In general, many people do not know many abdominal exercises, so there are no effective alternatives to work on them, apart from the well-known crunches and abdominal plank.

The candlestick exercise is an excellent workout for strengthening the abdominal core. However, I would like to warn you that they are not abdominal exercises designed for beginners. They require a certain base of strength, as well as a minimal development of our proprioception, which can be solved by working with simpler exercises, like those included in this beginner training routine, with which you can progress.

How to perform Candlestick Exercise?

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To run the candlestick exercise, we must:

Lie face up, with your back and legs fully supported on the floor, and with both arms supported at some distance from your body to provide a stable base for the next steps of the exercise. The palms of the hands should rest on the floor.

We will tighten the abdomen, which must be done during the execution of the exercise.

We will bring the legs together and continue to lift them. In the first phase of the exercise, they should be completely stretched, and we will raise them until the soles of our feet point to the ceiling.

At the same time that we lift our legs off the floor, we must also lift our lower back and buttocks.
After this, we need to contract our legs slightly to gain momentum for the next phase.

Once we have contracted our legs, we need to push them forward, also using the force of our abdomen, so that we can put the soles of our feet on the ground. The buttocks and the lower back should be in contact with the floor, sliding on it as if doing a somersault.

With the soles of our feet on the floor, we must extend our legs as if we were performing the concentric phase of a squat with our body weight.

If we are able to extend our hips while completely standing, we have performed a correct repetition.

To help you better understand how to make the candlestick exercise, I will leave you with a video:

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