30 Day Squat Challenge

To achieve a firm buttocks, it is necessary an ideal exercise routine that works the whole lower body.

30 Day Squat Challenge

If you’re looking to tone your buttocks quickly and effectively, you shouldn’t miss the 30 day squat challenge, since we give you the best exercise for lifting your glutes.

Squats are an amazing and effective exercise to work the whole lower body. In fact, squats works almost every single muscle group of the lower body, including the thighs, buttocks, and hips. Also helps us eliminate and fight cellulite occurring in your thighs and backside.

You can do squats anywhere at any time, you don’t need any kind of gym equipment to do them. Here is the best workout to help you build and strengthen your buttocks in 30 days at home.


30 Day-Squat-Challenge

How to do squats to tone your buttocks

Doing squats correctly is not just bending down and getting up, there are different factors that we must master and take into account to do it safely and activating all muscle groups. If you wonder how to do squats correctly at home , following this step:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and do leg stretches .
  2. Stand upright, with your feet straight and the soles of your feet open following the width of our shoulders.
  3. Stretch your arms forward to help you maintain your balance and lean your back slightly forward, keeping your abdomen and lumbar tight to exercise.
  4. Bend your knees slowly and slowly lowering me.
  5. Try throwing the buttocks out, as if you were going to sit in a chair, to work that area better.
  6. Get up slowly when your thighs are parallel to the floor.

The benefits of squats

1. A good number of repetitions will tone the buttocks, improve their definition and hardness. The squats also improve your posture because when doing this exercise you work the abs and spines, which favor maintaining the right position.

2. The squats stimulate the cardiovascular system and help burn more fat. While doing this exercise you burn calories, but after hours of activity you still burn calories, because of the great intensity of this exercise.

3. Squats are great for increasing leg strength. It helps strengthen abdominal muscles, stabilize muscles, and improve your balance. It also promotes the flow of information between the brain and all muscle groups, which prevents falls, and consequently, possible bone fractures.

4. Butt lifting. When you do a squat, the muscles of your glutes are directly involved in the movement which will help you form and lift your butt.

Build strength in your legs, buttocks and hips to improve your performance and prevent injuries with the 30 day squat challenge.

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