8 Abdominal Exercises To Build Muscle And Shape Up The 6-Pack

Shaping your abdominal area is certainly not an easy task, if only it were available to everyone. To achieve great results, diet and exercise are essential.

If you want to get closer to a 6-pack and burn that belly fat, you need to add our 9 ab exercises to your workout routine to build muscle and tone your core. All of these exercises are surprisingly easy to perform and require no additional equipment.

1- Bicycle crunches

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They are simple to do. All you need is a mat or a towel that you lay on the floor and lie down. Raise one of your legs at a 90-degree angle to about the middle of your abdomen and bring the opposite elbow to the knee of the raised leg, then do the same with the other limbs. Perform 4 sets of 25 repetitions, resting 20 seconds between each set.

2- Mountain climbers

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Stand with your face to the floor, arms outstretched, legs extended and abdomen tense, similar to a plank. Now lift one leg to chest level and then the other as if you were climbing a flight of stairs, only in a different position, level with the floor. Do 4 sets of 30 repetitions, resting 20 seconds in between each.

3- Rising plank

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Get ready to not only break a sweat, but also to strengthen almost your entire body. Stand with your legs open at about shoulder height and lower your body without bending your knees so that your hands touch the floor. Gradually stretch until you are in the Plank position, supported by your forearms and elbows, and then return to standing. Remember not to bend your knees. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions, resting for 20 seconds in between.

4- Lateral kicks

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Stand with your legs together. Step up sideways with one of your legs; you will feel the effort in your thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions per leg (30 total), resting 20 seconds in between each set.

5- Quick squats

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Standing shoulder-width apart, perform squats by going down and up quickly. Although this is a quick exercise, you must pay close attention to your posture to avoid injury, and most importantly, perform the exercise correctly. Perform 4 sets of 18 repetitions, resting 15 seconds between each set.

6- Plank up and down

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This exercise is ideal for strengthening your belly and arms. Get into the typical position for performing planks and bend your arm to perform the prop, now with the forearm and do the same with the other arm, then return to the original position with both arms straight. Perform 4 sets of 15 repetitions, resting 15 seconds between each set.

7- Wall squat

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While it may seem simple, but the truth it is exhausting, but it strengthens your legs, buttocks and abs. Sit in a squat position and lean against the wall so that you stay in this position for 60 seconds. Do this exercise four times, resting 15 seconds in between each time.

8- Knee Lift Jump

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It is simple but effective to sweat and get rid of stress. What you will do is to start jumping in one place, lifting one of your knees, raising it more or less to your waist. Do 4 sets of 30 repetitions, resting 15 seconds between each set.

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