Do these 4 double chin exercises to get rid of it in 30 days

Get rid of your neck fat with these fast and effective double chin exercises. Say goodbye to chin fat without surgery. Say hello to a defined jawline!

A double chin is a killer in any photo. Because yes, fat bulges under the chin can quickly become a personal liability. Even people who are not overweight can suffer from a double chin. It makes your face look rounder, your facial contours disappear – and with them, your self-esteem.

But what can you do to get rid of a double chin? Liposuction or fat injections? Not necessary, we say: fight the double chin with very simple exercises. Warning, pun: The double chin is guaranteed to get rid of its fat.

4 double chin exercises to get rid of it in 30 days

1. Rule of thumb

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Place your closed fist beneath your chin and press your lower jaw against it firmly. For added comfort, you can rest your elbow on a table. Maintain this position for ten seconds, and then perform the exercise 10 times in succession.

2. Tight-lipped nose

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Sit up with your back in an upright position. Pull your lips inward, as if you were imitating a toothless grandmother. Now, stretch your smile as far as you possibly can. By doing so, you’ll activate the muscles and tendons in your neck. Maintain this position for a count of ten. Relax, then repeat this sequence ten times.

3. The tongue trick

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Extend your tongue as far as you possibly can, and then gradually draw your tongue upwards towards your nose. Perform this action repeatedly for ten iterations, each lasting for a duration of 10 seconds.

4. Kiss me

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Sit in an upright position, ensuring your back is erect and engage your abdominal muscles by drawing in your belly button. Next, gently tilt your head backwards until you can observe the ceiling, and then form your lips as if you were preparing to kiss a person of considerable height. Maintain this posture for a duration of ten seconds. Repeat this sequence ten times consecutively.

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