7 Effective Eye Yoga Exercises to Strengthen Muscles & Reduce Eyestrain

Strengthen your eye muscles and reduce eyestrain with these quick and relaxing eye yoga exercise. Prevent vision problems effectively.

Vision problems can be congenital or acquired. In conditions of constant work with computers and gadgets, the eyes need rest. Overexertion causes redness and dryness, and a decrease in visual acuity.

It is recommended to see an ophthalmologist annually, even if there are no symptoms. Special exercise classes, some of which take only a few minutes a day and can even be done at work. A variety of exercises is a kind of relaxation that allows you to reduce the constant tension to which the optic nerve is subjected..

Doing these eye yoga exercise helps prevent many vision problems and correct minor deviations. These exercises do not take much time and help you to relax and reduce eyestrain.

Eye Yoga Exercise: Strengthen Eye Muscles, Reduce Eyestrain

Hiit workout

1. Sit up and straighten your back. Your head is slightly elevated. Do the exercise in 6 or 8 sets. Close your eyes tightly for three or five seconds. Then open them for the same amount of time.

2. Without changing your starting position, blink rapidly for a minute.

3. Stand up. Spread your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your eyes straight. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times. Straighten right arm in front of you, take your thumb and concentrate on it for 5 seconds.

4. Without changing the previous position, lift right hand up to your eyes and concentrate your gaze on the end of the index finger. Do this 6 times without taking your gaze away: press your finger to your eyes until a double effect occurs.

5. Place your index finger at eye level, 30 cm away from your face. Stop your gaze on the tip of your finger for a few seconds. Cover the other eye with the palm of your hand. Do six repetitions with each one.

6. Bend your right hand halfway and move it to the right side. Use your side vision to see the index finger without turning your head. Smoothly move the finger to the left side, without taking your eyes off it. Do the movement in 10 strokes.

7. Now you can change the pose again to a sitting position. Close your eyes. With the fingertips of both hands massage your eyelids in a gentle circular motion for a few minutes (no more than 5). In the same position, leave your eyes half-closed. Press on the eyelids 4 times simultaneously and lightly with three folded fingers of each hand.

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