Revealing the Uses of Panditas: Sweet Pleasures & Uses

Uncover the versatile uses of panditas, the nostalgic sweet treat with surprising benefits. Explore their unique purpose beyond gummy bears!

Panditas, gummy bears as you know them, are a childhood classic… until one day you find out that someone has turned them around and made them a hot dessert for adults. Find out what panditas used for: their intimate use and the truth behind this sweet indulgence.

You will not let me lie, the Internet teaches you too many things, although it also unleashes some unknowns. If you’re used to social networking, you may have seen the meme or anecdote about a famous self-serve store’s “Love Combo.”

Legend has it that this is a package bought by couples on their way to romance (aka sex) that includes beer, condoms, black halls and panditas. The first three are pretty obvious, but the panditas?

What are panditas used for?

In a general context, we would say: to decorate cakes, candy tables… But speaking of sex, rubber bands or bears are used to increase the pleasure of sexual intercourse, used inside the vagina or condom.

According to the world of social networks, there are 2 ways to use the bandages in privacy: 1 or 2 bandages are inserted into the vagina to later try to remove them with the tongue when practicing oral sex.

The second option is to apply a little lubricant to the penis and place a few panditas in it to later place the condom. In both cases, the goal is to increase a woman’s sexual pleasure through new textures and sensations.

As attractive as it may seem to use panditas as an erotic tool to increase your or your partner’s pleasure, specialists urge you to stop before trying.

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What happens if I use a diaphragm during sex?

The first risk you run is that the rubber will stick to the bottom of your vagina and, although it is difficult to “lose”, you may need help, including a doctor, to remove it. But the problem does not end there, because you are exposing yourself to infection.
Surely you have read more than once that using vaginal showers or soap inside the vagina is bad for your health, imagine with the panditas?

According to Dr. Eduardo Vilchis, quoted on the MDZ Online site, introducing panditas into your vagina could cause severe infections with pain that is difficult to alleviate, given their high glucose levels. In addition, if not treated properly, there is a risk that they will reach your uterus or fallopian tubes, causing abscesses and jeopardizing your fertility.

This recommendation also applies to Black Halls or any other food you wish to experiment with. Specialists in gynecology, invite not to put food or drink in the intimate parts, because the vagina has a flora capable of fighting possible infections, but it is not prepared for microorganisms that could be present in different foods, in addition to other damage that could cause.

In the case of sugar, it is a perfect food for bacteria and yeast, hence the increased risk of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. So if you’re going to include foods like aphrodisiacs, keep them away from your vaginal area.

That includes olive oil and the like, it’s not a good lubricant, in fact it could compromise your condom as well as your vagina.

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7 things not to do with your vagina

In addition to not introducing panditas or any type of candy or food, there are measures that specialists recommend. The most common is to avoid douching, deodorants, and sprays.

According to the Nemours Foundation, the reason is that they can cause allergic reactions, irritation and vaginal infections; your vagina does not need any chemical substance to clean it because it cleans itself. Of course, you do need to wash the outside with water and neutral soap, but never the inside.

Other recommendations on what not to do are:

  • Stay in wet clothes: bathing suits, sweaty underwear, gym pants, as they can lead to yeast infections.
  • Wipe from back to front. The last thing you want is to carry fecal bacteria into your vagina and put yourself at risk of infection…the same goes for thongs.
  • Choose scented, scratchy or very thin toilet paper that can leave marks in your vagina.
  • Do not change razors if you shave your v-zone, it is best to do it every 2 weeks to avoid irritating your skin.
  • Skip the lubricant. If your vagina is not adequately lubricated, it can become irritated or even injured during intercourse. There are flavored lubricants that can be used for oral sex that are sugar-free.
  • Use petroleum jelly or any improvised lubricant. Invest in a water-based lubricant or your favorite, but one that is made for this purpose.
  • Use daily protection. Using them every day will only keep the area moist and encourage the growth of bacteria.If you want to increase the sexual pleasure in encounters with your partner, there are different strategies that you can follow, from sex toys, sexual fantasies, role playing, focusing on erotic games without penetration, sexual positions, in short. There are many ways to achieve this without compromising the health of your vagina.

Now you know what panditas are for, their role in the combination of love and sexual relations. Avoid using them like any other substance or object that does not have a sexual purpose, enjoying your sexuality should not be separated from being responsible and taking care of your body.

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