Wasp Waist: Six quick workouts to get a flat stomach

Fitness trainer Katja Believer has designed ideal mini workout for all crop top lovers who want to show their waist. In just six exercises you will achieve your dream of a wasp waist.

Women used to squeeze themselves into such tight corsets to make their waist look as narrow as possible that they fainted in rows because of insufficient air. Fortunately, those days are over.

However, a wasp waist is considered a real eye-catcher even without a corset. That’s why German fitness trainer Katja Believer has created an ideal mini-workout video, but at least with the beats of the Spice Girls it’s really fun.

1. Diagonal Mountain Climbers, 3 x 20 repetitions

Hiit workout

  1. From the push-up position, instead of pulling your knees “only” to your chest in quick alternation, you rotate alternately to the right and left.
  2. Pull your legs up 20 times, then take a short breather before doing two more reps.

2. Pointer, 3 x 30 repetitions.

Hiit workout

  1. Starting from the quadruped position, first lift your right arm and left leg off the floor and extend them.
  2. Then pull your knees and elbows together underneath you and squeeze your stomach.
  3. Repeat the same with the other arm and leg. In total, you should do three repetitions of 30 repetitions each.

3. Hip Rotation, 3 x 15 repetitions

Hiit workout

  1. Starting from the push-up position, bring your hips alternately to the right and left of you, almost to the floor.
  2. Make sure you stay straight and your hips don’t come off. You can tell if you’re doing it right because it will be quite strenuous in the long run.
  3. However, try to do 15 repetitions and complete 3 sets.

4. Side Toe Touch 2x 20

Hiit workout

  1. Lie on your side and support yourself with your forearm on the floor.
  2. Now tense your middle and lift your upper leg as high as possible before resting it back on your lower leg.
  3. Can you feel your flanks working to keep your leg up? This is what it feels like the way to a wasp waist.
  4. Target 2 sets of 20 leg raises per leg.

5. Side Plank, 2 x 12 repetition

Hiit workout

  1. For the Side Plank, get into a lateral forearm support. Only your right forearm and the outside of your right foot are in contact with the floor. Keep the center of your body in the air.
  2. If that’s enough for you: that’s fine! But Katja Believer wouldn’t be called Katja Believer if she didn’t believe that more is possible.
  3. So just try to tense your abdominal area and then pull it a little bit higher towards the sky before you come back to the straight starting position.
  4. It’s great if you manage to get up and down twelve times, a total of two times per side.
  5. Alternatively, it is also effective if you manage to stay in the straight starting posture for one minute.

6. Bicycle, 3x 40 sec.

Hiit workout

  1. The air bike ride comes in two different difficulty levels.
  2. If you want to go straight into the fulls, do the same as Katja and start cycling from the seat with your legs in the air – just with your arms supported backwards.
  3. For the easier version, lie on your back and cycle from there.
  4. Either way, it’s best to do 40 seconds for a total of three laps.

Wasp waist video

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