7 effective yoga exercises to get rid of wrinkles in just 12 minutes

Face building can help you to remove nasolabial folds and wrinkles from the forehead, eyes, and lips. It really tightens the skin and gives it a youthful glow.

Doctors conducted a 20-week experiment involving 16 women between the ages of 40 and 65. During that time, all participants did exercises for the muscles of the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth and neck. The experiment showed that such exercises actually improved facial skin and reduced visible signs of aging.

We has collected 7 facial exercises to help you maintain muscle strength.

Exercise 1

Hiit workout

This exercise will help you increase your forehead’s muscle tone.

  • Place fingers on your forehead as shown in the image.
  • Raise and lower your eyebrows as if you’re surprised.
  • Make sure that there are no creases on the forehead.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 2

Hiit workout

This exercise will help you prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Take your eyes right to left. Then repeat it left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top.
  • Only your eyes should be moving! The jawbone is immovable.

Repeat this exercise 5 times for each direction.

Exercise 3

Hiit workout

Let’s eliminate those nasolabial folds!

  • Put your mouth in the shape of the letter “O”. You can even pronounce the sound of the letter “O” out loud.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 4

Hiit workout

Keep the tone of the cheekbones and cheeks strong with this exercise.

  • Pull your lips into the mouth.
  • Place your fingers on the corners of your lips and lightly press on them.
  • Pull the corners of your lips to your ears.
  • Return to the basic position.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5

Hiit workout

The purpose of this exercise is to remove the double chin and increase muscle tone in the neck.

  • Put out your tongue and point it up.
  • Turn your head halfway up, then turn to the right.
  • Lift your chin up. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Then go back to the basic position and repeat the same motion in the other direction.

Repeat this exercise 5 times in each direction.

Exercise 6

Hiit workout

If you want to get rid of nasolabial folds, the “Grandma” exercise is for you.

  • Open your mouth.
  • Hide your lips behind your teeth.
  • Strengthen the tension and draw your lips into the mouth. Hold for 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Exercise 7

Hiit workout

The “rubber” exercise helps you to remove horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

  • Wrap your hands behind your head.
  • Then put them on the border of your hairline on the forehead.
  • Pull yourself back a little bit with your hands.
  • Purse your lips in the shape of the letter “O” and look down. Hold for 10 seconds in this position.

It’s important to feel the tension of the forehead constantly during this exercise.

Repeat this exercise 20 times.

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