5 exercises to trim and tone your waist

A small waist is the key factor that girls and women strive for and that men find so attractive in a feminine body.

Losing weight around the waist is not only about toning the muscles in this area, but also about losing fat. And doing ab exercises alone is not enough to lose fat around the waist. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as reducing stress and getting a good night’s sleep, you can prevent weight gain and fat deposits around the waist.

Here are 5 exercises that you can add to your workout routine that will help you do just that:

1- Leg lifts

Lie on your back with your arms out to your sides. Lift two straight legs at the same time. Do not move your pelvis. Do 2 sets of 25 repetitions. To work the sides, lift the straight legs alternately.

2- Ab bikes

Lie on your back. Put your hands behind your head, keeping your shoulders off the floor. Lift up your bent legs. Pull your right leg up to your left elbow and your left elbow up to your right leg. Make 2 sets of 25 repetitions.

3- Crunch

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and rest them on the floor. Grab your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders up, straining your abs, not your arms. Pull your chin up. Do 2 sets of 25 repetitions. To work the side muscles, pull your left elbow to your right knee 25 repetitions (don’t take your legs off), then pull your right elbow to your left knee the same number of times.

4- Sit-Ups

Lie on the floor, bend your legs, feet resting on the floor. Ask someone to hold your feet. You can use a couch or other handy tools, if you’re comfortable. Lift your body and then lower it. Keep doing this very slowly and gently. Lie down with your back rounded, gradually straightening it. Do this two sets of 25 reps.

5- Elbow plank

Get into a plank position on your elbows. Try to survive as long as you can

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