4 exercises that are 1000 times more effective than squat, for perfect glutes in just a few weeks

The vast majority of athletes, both amateur and professional, use plyometric exercises in their athletic training. This type of exercise can also be done at home.

The buttocks area is one of the most important for our entire figure, and for this reason most of those who do physical activity dedicate a lot of time to their training.

Below we suggest some plyometric exercises aimed above all at toning the abdomen and buttocks . Perform small series dedicating about 5 minutes to each exercise.

Plyometrics is mostly used to train the lower body (legs and glutes), but there are many exercises that can also be adapted to effectively engage the abs.

All exercises require high intensity and precise speed of execution. Of the following plyometric exercises with jumping do 15 repetitions in three sets.

Plinth jump

HIIT Workout

To practice this exercise you need a plinth. Lower your body as if you were taking a “run up” and quickly jump onto the plinth. To get off, you can choose whether to carry out the same movement in reverse, paying attention to the landing. To perform this exercise, you can also use a step or some other similar object, which is however well fixed to the floor.

Lateral jumps with cone

HIIT Workout

Place a cone or similar object (such as a bottle) about 15 centimeters away and jump to the other side. This plyometric exercise can also be done by jumping forward and backwards.

Some plyometric exercises don’t require jumps, and it’s these that usually help us engage the abdominal muscles.

Push-ups with hand movement

HIIT Workout

It consists of doing push-ups and every time we lift the body we have to do it explosively to be able to take our hands off the ground and be able to land on them but positioned more spaced out. The following push-up should be identical, but this time landing on hands apart as in the starting position.

Medicine ball

HIIT Workout

To practice this exercise you need a medicine ball or similar object. It consists of imitating a player throwing a throw-in, obviously without throwing the ball. Keep your core muscles tight as you perform this exercise.

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