Lift Your Legs Up the Wall for 15 Minutes Every Day, and See What Happens to Your Body

Not everyone can find enough time for exercise or long workouts, so there is no price for those exercises that take little time and are also very useful, in just 15 minutes a day will help to get rid of fatigue and significantly improve your well-being.

Thanks to this exercise, you can significantly renew your body and get rid of many ailments. However, you do not need to attend special classes to learn this exercise. One of the simplest poses does not require any flexibility or strength.

Legs Up the Wall Pose

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This exercise can be done either in the afternoon or in the evening, at any time when you want to relax or relieve fatigue, and before going to bed to help you fall asleep.

To perform the exercise, you must lie as close to the wall as possible, on a flat surface of the bed or on a rug on the floor so that you feel comfortable.

Raise your legs and place them as close to the wall as possible so that they are at a 90-degree angle. Your knees should be straight and your head should be on the floor or bed.

Your shoulders and hips should be at the same level. Your shoulders should be relaxed, not pressed against your ears, and your arms should be free at your sides, palms up or down.

If you feel tension in your neck, place a towel or small pillow under your head. Many people also place a pillow or roll under their lower back or buttocks. Find the position that is most comfortable for you.

Relax. Just lie down and breathe deeply, extending your inhalation and exhalation. You can check to see if there are any blocks or tensions in your body and release them. Feel the weight falling off your legs.

Stay in this pose for 5 to 15 minutes, at your discretion.

To exit, pull your knees into your chest, roll onto your right side, and lie down with a few deep breaths. Push off with your legs and arms and stand up, or, if you’re doing this before going to bed, just go to bed.

If you do legs up the wall regularly, without missing a day, you will soon feel a number of pleasant changes.

Legs Up the Wall benefits

1. The feeling of heaviness in the legs will disappear.

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Swelling of the legs is caused by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues of our body. By simply changing the effect of gravity on your feet, you can get rid of all the stagnant fluids that make your feet swollen and heavy. While a little swelling in the legs at the end of the day is normal, it can sometimes get to the point where it causes discomfort and pain.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that lifting your legs helps distribute accumulated fluid throughout your body, improving circulation in your legs and reducing swelling. Sometimes all you need after a long day at work is to lie down with your feet up against the wall and relax.

2. Constant fatigue from heels will go away

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Lifting your legs is one of the best ways to relieve tension in your legs, feet and hips. These three areas suffer the most when we are on our feet for long periods of the day. By doing this exercise, you change the position of your legs so that you can get rid of the heaviness in these areas completely. After lying 15-20 feet against the wall, you will feel your legs feel much better and you will feel lighter.

3. Promotes Better Blood Circulation

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This is the most effective way to improve circulation. It increases blood flow to the upper body, enriching it with oxygen and distributing it evenly throughout the body. This exercise is useful for regulating blood pressure, improving varicose veins, and simply relaxing at the end of a hard day.

4. Improve digestion

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Keeping the legs upright will help digestion. In this position, more blood flows to the internal organs, peristalsis improves, and food passes more easily through the digestive tract. All of this promotes regular bowel movements and reduces the risk of constipation. In addition, nutrients are better absorbed in this position and appetite is improved due to more efficient and faster digestion.

5. The tension of the nervous system will go away

This posture is essentially an exercise in deep relaxation. When your legs are up, it helps to inhale more air, and slow, rhythmic breathing contributes to complete relaxation. In this state, the recovery and healing processes in your body are better able to take place, and tension in the abdomen, neck and temples is relieved. If you do this exercise regularly before going to bed, you will find that you become calmer and more able to withstand stressful situations.

6. Reduces back pain

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If the pain is not caused by a serious condition, practice lying with your feet against the wall on a regular basis as a preventative measure. Lifting your legs relieves pressure and maintains the natural curve of your spine. For greater effect, place a small pillow under your back.

7. Sleep will become strong and deep

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The cause of insomnia is often discomfort in the legs (goosebumps, burning or swelling). Regular lifting of the legs allows you to get rid of all these phenomena. Moreover, due to proper breathing and blood circulation, the brain is better supplied with oxygen, which means that sleep becomes stronger and deeper.

Being in this state can even be compared to a kind of meditation, when we are distracted from everything secondary and the body and mind are immersed in complete peace.

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