The 7 Most Effective Thigh Exercises of All Time

How to get thinner thighs in just 7 days with these effective HIIT workouts! Say goodbye to trouble fitting into skinny jeans and hello to toned legs.

Having trouble fitting into those skinny jeans! Do you want skinny thighs? Despite your daily workouts? The truth is, many thigh toning routines simply do not include the key moves you need to really target the often troublesome inner thigh area.

These exercises for thinner thighs are easy to follow that will give you slimmer thighs in just 7 days,. They are available to beginners and can be done anywhere with no equipment needed. Do not forget to warm up before starting to exercise.

How To Get Thinner Thighs In 7 Days

Jump crunches

Hiit workout

  1. Slimly bend knees, and draw your arms back.
  2. Jump straight up, trying to lift your knees for high as you can.

These exercise requires more effort than the other people. From the first time it’s hard to make thirty jumps, so we advise you to divide them into 3 sets for 10 reps with a minute rest in between.

Leg raise with the side (for the inner thigh)

Hiit workout

  1. Lie with your right side, and prop yourself on your hand. Bend your left leg, and put it firmly on the floor in front of you, keeping them still on your left hand.
  2. Slow raise and lower your right leg without sharp or high movements.

Sidelong bows with a dumbbell

Hiit workout

  1. Put your left hand on your waist whilst holding the dumbbell in your right.
  2. Step left, bow down with a straight back, and turn your torso in line on your right leg.
  3. Touch your left ankle with your right hand, keeping your right leg straight and your left one bent at the knee.

Repeat the exercise for the other side. Dumbbell can replace a 0.5 liter water bottle.

Leg raise on the side (as the outer thigh)

Hiit workout

  1. Lie on your right side, and prop yourself on your hand. Put your left hand firmly on the floor ahead of you.
  2. Slowly raise and lower your right leg without sharp or high moves.
  3. Repeat for your other leg.

These exercise is not only effective for the hips, but also useful for the buttocks.

Smooth leg raise from the prone position

Hiit workout

  1. Prop yourself on your hands and right knee, stretching your left leg.
  2. Slow raise your left leg until them reaches peak height, then slowly lower them back.
  3. Change your leg afterward, and repeat the exercise.

Lunges with jump-changing legs

Hiit workout

  1. Lunge forward on your left leg, holding your back straight and keeping your right knee lower than the left one.
  2. Jump up as high for you can, helping yourself with your arms.
  3. Change your legs in the air, landing in a lunge position on your right leg.

Start with 10-12 repeats, each time changing a leg at “landing”. Gradually bring up to 30 repeats.

Dumbbell lunges

Hiit workout

  1. Keep your back straight on your hands along your sides.
  2. Still keeping straight, do reverse lunges (step back) with your right leg, then your left one.

Try to lunge deeper, trying to bend the leg at a right angle. Instead of dumbbells, you can use 0.5 liter bottles of water

How To Get Thinner Thighs In Just 7 Days

Hiit workout

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