Best Fat-Burning Home Exercises: More Effective Than Running

Burn more fat at home with these effective exercises! Ditch traditional cardio for efficient fat-burning workouts. Say goodbye to running!

If you don’t like running or can’t do it , don’t think that all is lost. Running is certainly not the only way to burn a lot of calories, but there are some exercises that allow us to burn even more , and lose more fat, without having to go to the gym.

Almost all of these exercises also have another benefit: they have less impact on the joints than running, especially those of the knees.

Running for 30 minutes at a constant pace can allow us to burn around 235-300 calories , but this value also depends on the person’s weight and physical condition. In an intense spinning session, for example, you can burn around 500 calories.

Below we list some alternative exercises to running that are real “calorie eaters” and that you can do at home.

Go upstairs

Hiit workout

With this cardio exercise you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour , about double compared to a one-hour run for a person weighing around 65 kg. Climbing stairs strengthens your quadriceps and glutes. However, if you have knee injuries, you should not do this exercise.

Jumping jacks

Hiit workout

Jumping while opening your arms and legs at the same time is very effective for burning calories. This cardio exercise is considered high intensity and allows us to burn around 8-10 calories per minute .

Jump rope

Hiit workout

An exercise that we certainly did as children, but which is very effective for strengthening the legs. It can make us burn between about 400 and 700 calories if you can keep up the pace for an hour.


Hiit workout

They have become fashionable in recent years and consist of doing a squat, lowering yourself to a push-up and then jumping. This high intensity exercise is not for everyone but it is one of the most effective. It is estimated that each burpee burns 1.43 calories , not bad.

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