3 simple exercises to shrink waist and grow hips in 10 days

Exercise is something that should be part of your daily routine because it helps you not only look better but also feel better, although sometimes you want to focus on an area of your body like the waist or hips, which usually take longer to tone up, here are three simple exercises to shrink waist and grow hips that with perseverance and complementing them with a good diet, no doubt you will get great results.

Well, if you want your hips to grow, according to a study by the National Institute of Health, the hip bone cannot be reduced or enlarged, but the muscle of this area can grow through certain movements.

3 simple exercises to shrink waist and grow your hips in 10 days without leaving home.

Exercise 1 Hip raises:

Hiit workout

This seems to be a very easy exercise, and you may feel it, but when you finish this routine you will feel a slight pain, because of the effort applied, but remember, for the gym, no pain, no glory. The first thing you will do is lie on your back with your legs slightly bent and your arms at your sides with your palms facing the floor. Then you will slowly raise your hips by squeezing everything and in the same way you will go down.

This exercise will help you strengthen your muscles and tone your hips, repeat it 10 times in 4 sets, but remember to go slowly, if you feel that you can no longer hold, take a slight break, because they are not little races.

Exercise 2 Lateral leg raise:

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This may seem one of the easiest exercises, and it certainly is, but you must have a good posture for this to have the results we are looking for, it will help you tone your waist and your buttocks are also benefited. To do this you must lie on your side and lean on your forearm putting the other hand on the floor as a balance support, then stretch your legs and slowly lift the one you have on top.

You must repeat this movement 10 times in four sets and change position to the opposite side to do it with the leg that was on the floor.

Exercise 3 Leg lift backwards:

Hiit workout

Finally and one of the exercises that undoubtedly has more weight in this routine, because it will help you to grow and tone the muscles of the hips and your buttocks. To do this you will have to place yourself in 4 points, that means that the palms of your hands and knees should be on the floor. To start you will have to raise one of your legs backwards as if you were kicking, and then gradually return to the original position, remember that you do not have to raise the leg too much because you can get hurt, so you do it as far as you can.

Do this exercise 15 times in five sets, yes it is more than the others, but we promise you that it is the one that will work the most, after doing it with one leg, rest a little and now do it with the other.

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