Woman cuts her hair for the first time in 25 years – here’s what she looks like today

We can all get the urge to play around with our look from time to time. As humans we’re creatures who spend a hell of a lot of time thinking about appearances, so it’s hardly a surprise that many of us like to experiment with new styles every now and again.

For the majority of us, taking a perceived risk on a new outfit is usually enough to tick the box. Or else opting for a new hair style following years of sporting the same one.

A new look can have a revamping, rejuvenating effect, breathing fresh energy into us when we need it most. That said, few people will ever undergo the stylistic change that Rosa Ramirez, a young woman from the US, experienced after 25 years of wearing her hair the same way…

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Now, Rosa’s story first made headlines back in 2015, but her transformation is every bit as eye-catching today for those who didn’t get to see it back then.

Reportedly, Rosa’s hair was so long that she could even step on it when she walked. Her husband had tried repeatedly over the years to convince her to at least consider getting it cut, but Rosa wasn’t sure since she’d been rocking the same look for 25 long years.

Somewhat incredibly, Rosa’s hair measured 1.5 meters by the time she eventually decided to go and get it cut. The reason? So that she could send a whopping 4-feet of hair to Locks of Love, a nonprofit that manufactures wigs for kids who have lost their hair to cancer.

“I think it would make somebody’s day who’s suffering from a bad disease, it will make their day a little brighter,” Rosa said.

Needless to say, Rosa’s transformation was really quite something to see. My wife says I become a new person when I cut my hair having let it grow out for three months, let alone 25 years!

Watch the video below to see Rosa’s transformation:


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