See How to Create This Flower and Fishtail Braid Combo

This feminine and romantic braid will look amazing paired with your favorite summer dress (or, you know, leggings). It might take a little bit of practice, but we promise it’s totally worth it.

This hairstyle is so beautiful and perfect for all summer parties that are coming up! The combination of the flower braid and the fishtail braid gives this updo an intricate look that’s sure to get you tons of compliments.

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It works best on longer hair, but if you have medium length hair do the flower braid higher up and start the fishtail braid immediately under it. It’s a bit of a challenge, but if you follow the steps below and have some patience, you will succeed!

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1. Take a piece of hair from each side of your face. Secure the two pieces together in the back with a small elastic.

2. Make a three strand braid, but before you secure it with a small elastic, pull on one side of the braid to create volume, this will be the petals of the flower.

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3. Roll up the braid like you would a cinnamon bun, starting from the end of the braid. The side with the volume should be on the outside.

4. Arrange the flower braid over its base in a nice round shape. Secure it in place with bobby pins.

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5. Divide the rest of the hair into two parts.

6. Make a fishtail braid by taking a small piece of hair from the outer side of the right part, cross it over to the other side and join it together with the left part. Then take a small piece of hair from the left part, cross it over to the right side and join them together. Don’t make the fishtail braid too tight, it’s nice with some volume. You can also finish it of by pulling a bit on the edges of the fishtail braid to create more volume. Secure the braid with a small elastic.