One Type of Massages That Can Relieve Back and Neck Pain

In today’s world, it is easy to find people who work for several hours at a time in stressful activities. Therefore, it is necessary to relax from time to time. That’s where massages come in, which are great solutions for relieving back and neck  pain , as well as ensuring a good dose of tranquility.

In the USA, people visit massage therapists around 230 million times a year, and 88% of them agree that the technique is effective in minimizing discomfort, especially in the  spine . Next, we will analyze some types of massages capable of reducing pain in these parts of the body.

As  Hiit Workout is always concerned about the health of its readers, here are a type of massages that can be applied to relieve neck and back muscles. And don’t forget to check out the bonus at the end of the post!

Back and Neck Pain Relief Using Tennis Balls

Back pain can  arise as a result of several factors , which generally include excessive use of a certain muscle and also poor posture. To relieve pain, you can try a massage using tennis balls.

1. Lie face up. Your knees should be bent and your feet should be on the ground.

2. Lift your hips and place 2 tennis balls under your back.

3. Stand still for 60 seconds.

You can move around on the tennis balls so that they work different muscle areas and find different points of tension.

For example, move your body up and down. Be careful not to put pressure on your spine with the tennis balls.

Bonus: You can enjoy the benefits of Swedish massage

Swedish massage is  for people new to this type of treatment, as it helps to relax the body as a whole. During this technique, massage therapists use joint massages, long, circular and deep movements, aimed at relaxation, stimulating nerve endings and increasing blood flow, also promoting lymphatic drainage.

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