Looks Much Better After Facelift, Nicole Kidman Turns Heads in Nude Dress

Love or hate her, Nicole Kidman proves she’s a fashion powerhouse who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and get people talking.

This time she wowed everyone in a stunning nude gown. But it wasn’t just her dress that stood out—people noticed something different about her appearance.

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Nicole Kidman turned heads at the Los Angeles Egyptian Theatre for the premiere of her latest film, A Family Affair. She rocked the blue carpet in a unique, nude strapless gown with a daring front slit. She completed the look with matching shoes, a gold choker, flawless makeup, and her hair styled in a sleek ponytail.

Kidman’s bold fashion choice quickly sparked a lot of chatter, with people both praising and critiquing her outfit. Known for her fearless style, Kidman once again proved she’s not afraid to take risks and make a statement on the red carpet

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Nicole Kidman’s fans were thrilled with her outfit, taking to social media to shower her with praise. One enthusiastic supporter dismissed the critics, saying, “I don’t care what everyone is saying. That color is amazing on her. One of her best looks.”

The admiration didn’t stop there. Fans continued to gush over her timeless elegance with comments like, “So classy always,” and “True elegance. She’s always stunning, with true class.” The compliments poured in, with many calling her “stunning,” “beautiful,” and “Nikki is always on point.” Kidman’s bold choice clearly resonated with her followers, solidifying her status as a style icon who consistently impresses and inspires.

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Others were less impressed with the outfit’s color. One critic wrote, “Looks good but terrible color for her,” while another added, “That dress really did wash her out and did not enhance her natural beauty.” Some comments echoed similar sentiments, such as: “Love Nicole, but that beige color is not a good look. Can’t tell where the dress ends and her skin begins.”

Critiques extended beyond her outfit. One person pointed out her hairstyle, saying, “Looks much better after facelift and laser. Still… too old for a ponytail!!!”

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Another commented on her appearance, noting, “A stunning lady but needs to ease up on the plastic surgery.” Despite the mixed reactions, Kidman’s appearance at the premiere certainly sparked a lively discussion.

Nicole Kidman’s latest move on Netflix, co-starring with Zac Efron, has already sparked a stir among people.