Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Secret to Her Youthful Skin

You’ve probably spotted Jennifer Lopez’s love of makeup while scrolling through social media. In most photos, the singer and actress shares what she’s wearing alongside stunning makeup. However, J.Lo is not afraid to show herself in a natural state. After all, her youthful skin is something to be proud of.

J.Lo has never experienced cosmetic interventions

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Lopez has managed to keep her skin perfect without any artificial interventions. “I haven’t ever had Botox to this day. I’m not that person,” said J.Lo.

“I don’t have anything against people doing that; it’s just not my thing.” She said she is looking for a more natural way to treat her skin.

The secret to beautiful skin is simple

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Her fans might wonder how, at the age of 53, Jennifer Lopez’s skin looks so fresh, flawless, and glowy. And J.Lo is happy to share the everyday skincare routine that helps her preserve her skin’s condition. Recently, Lopez released a line of skincare cosmetics, JLO Beauty, and the routine she recently shared consists entirely of her products.

The skincare routine is quite simple and consists of only 4 steps, so you can quickly try it yourself.

4 steps to perfect skin

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  • The first step is an in-depth cleansing — J.Lo washes her face with her cleanser.
  • Then she continues by applying serum. She shared that she uses serum twice, daily — morning and night. “Vitamins for the face,” she calls it. “I like to think of it like taking my vitamins first thing in the morning,” she shared. Lopez lets the serum “soak in” and moves on to the third step.
  • Next comes sunscreen. It is probably the most crucial step in the singer’s entire routine. She shared that sunscreen had been her biggest beauty secret since her early twenties.
  • And the last step is the eye cream that she puts under her eyes and between her eyebrows.

She works on her inner self as well.

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However, equally as important as external care is the internal mood. Lopez starts her morning by setting the right spirit for the rest of the day.

“[I] feed my mind first, my soul,” she shared. Lopez sets aside her phone in the mornings. “Just setting myself up right for the day with the right intentions and the right thoughts…being positive,” she shared.

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