How many girls do you see in this photo? The answer is surprising

How many girls do you see in this photo? The image goes around the web and the public wonders about the real response which is decidedly surprising.

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The web is always very interested in images like these , but it is certainly not easy to find immediate answers. Looking at it at first you have the sensation of seeing a long line of girls without being able to count them all. To tell the truth, the answer is decidedly different because what we see is just an optical illusion.

Remember for example that shirt which for some was white and gold while for others it was blue and black. We understood with that viral photo that there can be multiple points of view and a photo, if taken in a certain way, can spark a very long debate. And this is precisely what was taken around the photo in question shown above. But now let’s find out the answer to this enigma.

How many girls do you see? The web goes crazy

How many girls do you see in this photo? If you pay attention you realize that in reality there are only two girls, shown several times due to the optical effect given by two mirrors. In reality there is an older girl who looks our way and another much younger one who turns her gaze towards a mirror. Precisely this allows us to see her face directly with surprise because at first glance she seems to be another person.

In fact, an optical illusion is any illusion that clearly deceives our visual apparatus. Something that leads us to see something incorrectly compared to what reality is. Just think of that well-known effect that sees a climb become a descent and vice versa between Rocca di Papa and Ariccia, in Lazio. There are various places in this sense which offer various paradoxical situations with the classic effect of the object resting on the ground and which instead of going down goes up.

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