7 Day Cucumber Diet Help You Lose 15 Pounds

Did you know you can lose between 10 and 15 pounds by applying the cucumber diet for 7 days? This highlights dietary potential of this vegetable.


Cucumber is excellent for cleansing the gastrointestinal tract and can stimulate metabolism. It is too good to make you feel full and therefore is full of dietary fibers.

Benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is a natural multivitamin, especially group B. They are known to decrease feeling of stress and anxiety.
Cucumber is very rich in water, so it improves digestive health. Also, cucumber pulp can form a “jelly” inside the stomach because it is based on soluble fiber. The peel, on the other hand, gives bulk to the stool because it is made of insoluble fiber.

Cucumber is high in potassium, so it lowers blood pressure. They also contain silica, a mineral very useful for the healthy nails, bones and various tissues of the body.

Cucumber diet meals plan

To give you an idea of how your dishes should look when you try this diet, we will present you with an example of breakfast, lunch and dinner that is compatible with this diet.


Start the day with 1 cup of coffee, 1 fruit (can be orange, pear, tangerine or apple), 1 sliced cucumber without peel, 1 glass of unsweetened water with lemon.


At lunch you can have a vegetable soup. Try to keep it as low in fat and oil as possible. Complete with a cucumber salad with lettuce and 1 fruit.

You can also have a boiled egg, a large apple and a tea without sugar, preferably green tea.


Night comes. This time you will be accompanied by a cucumber salad with apple vinegar and 1 piece of grilled fish or chicken.

Cucumber salad is a basic part of this diet that can be eaten whenever you feel hungry, besides what is considered on the menu. This salad should be made with a whole cucumber, with or without skin, depending on your preference (always wash it first) flavored by herbs, spices, lemon, salt and pepper. Olive oil can be added to the salad.

Another key element is the cucumber and orange juice made from a medium sized, unpeeled cucumber and a whole orange, only the peel of which has been removed. It should contain all the fiber and be sweetened with a sweetener like Stevia. It is a highly purifying juice and satisfies hunger.

You can drink water and tea of your preference without sugar.

You shouldn’t drink soda, alcohol or eat sweets.


The cucumber diet is not recommended for anyone with thyroid problems.

If you are allergic to aspirin or inflammatory substances in general refrain from the cucumber diet because cucumber contains natural anti-inflammatory substances.

If you suffer from oral allergy, cucumber in excess can aggravate your symptoms. Oral allergy occurs mainly in the mouth, tongue and throat.

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