Hi and welcome! My name is Sandy and I’m the author and creator of HiiTWORKOUT.net!

I’ve now graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. I’m now also a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Eve who was born in December 2014. Although finding time to workout with a bit baby is even more challenging, I still make it a priority.

I first starting writing on fitness and health on my fashion blog, Life as a Waterleaf. I allocated one post a week to fitness. Eventually I began to feel like my fitness posts did not mesh well with the rest of my blog material. I too felt like there was much more I wanted to talk about but could not on that blog because my readers primarily followed me for my other material. I finally decided to start HiiT WORKOUT a blog where I coulded fitness and general well-being!

I have not always been in love with workout. I absolutely hated gym class in high school and the only activity I did was a little volleyball and netball (in Australia). Once in college, I chose Exercise Science as my major because I wanted to go to medical school and knew that these major would get me a lot of my pre-reqs.

These is where my love for fitness grew. I realized what a difference workout could make in a person’s life. I started exercising frequently and noticed a significant difference in myself. Although I had never been overweight, I still managed to drop about 10 pounds and developed more muscle tone.

My goal is to encourage others to become passionate about fitness and health. Workout holds benefits for everyone- from prevention of disease to looking and feeling good about oneself. I love it and hope to help others to love it too.