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8 Exercises That’ll Tighten Your Butt and Legs Without Going to the Gym

Tighten your butt and legs with these home exercises recommended by trainers. Get fit without the gym. Start today!

Not every girl is ready to go to the gym regularly after work. At the same time, everyone wants to be healthy and fit. Don’t give up so quickly – you can do many exercises that trainers recommend at home to tighten your butt and legs. Plus, if you do them regularly, you may be able to achieve the same results when you go to a gym.

So, we have just such options prepared for you. Are you ready to train your butt and legs?

1. Donkey Kick

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Kneel down, support yourself on your hands, and straighten your back. Bend one leg at the knee and push it up. Keep the knee off the floor to feel the back of the thigh and the glutes working. Return to starting position and repeat.

Number of repetitions: 15 for each side

2. Move leg to side

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Get down on all fours. Move your bent leg to the side so that your thigh is parallel to the floor. Tense your glutes and abs and return your leg to starting position. Your leg should not touch the floor.

Number of repetitions: 15 for each side.

3. Half-circle

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Get down on all fours. Palms should be just below shoulders. Place dumbbell on right leg below knee and grasp with foot. Lift the bent leg as if pushing off something with the heel, then lower the leg and move the hip to the side. Relax your body while keeping your back straight.

Number of repetitions: 8 for each side.

4. Plank Twist

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Get into a plank position with support on your forearms. From this position, twist the pelvis, alternately touching the floor with your hips. Make sure that your back does not sag, and the press is always tense. You need to do 3 sets of 10 times for each side.

5. Lying

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Leg Raises Lie on your stomach, bend your arms and place your palms in front of you. Bend your legs at the knees, close your feet. From this position, try to raise your legs as high as possible, lifting your hips off the floor. We repeat 15 times, and so 3 approaches.

6. Glutes Bridge with Support

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Lie down on a mat. Press your back firmly against the floor with your arms next to your body. Bend right leg at knee and place it on a pedestal or other elevation, extend left leg and lift it. Push off with the right foot, lifting the pelvis and lowering it as you inhale. This exercise is not easy at first, you can start by lifting the pelvis on two legs.

Number of repetitions: 10 for each leg.

7. Raise Leg Backward

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You will need support for this exercise. Stand an arm’s length away and grasp the pole. Then lean forward and bring the extended leg back. Return to starting position.

Number of repetitions: 10 for each leg.

8. Buttock bridge

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Lie on your back and bend your legs. Place your hands along your body and press your lower back firmly to the floor. As you exhale, lift your pelvis so that your body assumes the pose of a taut string. Tighten your buttocks at the same time. Pull back your lower back a little so that it is not overloaded. Inhale and return to the starting position.

Number of repetitions: 20.

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