7 Plants That Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

Some philosophical currents such as Feng Shui attribute the power to attract and transmit positive energy to some plants, flowers and herbs.

According to some studies, some plants can promote positive energies and give a feeling of well-being : below we list 7 of them.

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Artemisia . Many magical powers have been attributed to this plant in ancient times. It has a great strength capable of neutralizing negativity and achieving happiness. It is also possible to prepare an amulet with its leaves to ward off negative vibrations.

Lavender . This plant promotes energy balance by harmonizing spiritual energy. It is ideal for people who are often down in the mood.

Cactus . They can be very small, which is why you can place them on your desk. They have the power to attract positive energy.

Chrysanthemum . Although in our culture they are often associated with death, according to Feng Shui these flowers give a feeling of well-being.

Fern . It fights loneliness and is ideal for people who are experiencing sentimental problems. It keeps away bad luck and cures sadness.

Sunflowers . They give harmony, peace, light and consciousness. It is suggested to place them at the entrance of the house to prevent the entry of negative energies.

Sage . A plant known for its benefits, it can be used to drive away negative energies. Place it on a window: its aroma will give a good mood.