6 Snoring Solutions Your Partner Will Be Thankful For

Snoring is a very common affliction that isn’t dangerous for someone’s health, but it can be very annoying for those sleeping with you. Most of the times, people snore when they sleep on their back or when their lifestyle is quite unhealthy.

In order to reduce snoring, there are many things you can try at home before visiting a doctor.

1. Choose the right mattress

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Don’t sleep on a mattress that’s too soft. Otherwise, your hips and lower back might sink into the bed and you’ll get uncomfortable. Instead, always choose a firm mattress that supports the natural curve of your spine and makes you feel comfortable.

2. Sleep on your side

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Try sleeping on your side over any other sleeping position. This will prevent your tongue from touching the back wall of your throat.

3. Sleep face down

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This position has your face down, head turned to one side, and arms under or wrapped around a pillow. This position is also known as the “freefall.” One of the main advantages is that it may help relieve apnea or chronic snoring.

4. If you sleep on your back, prop yourself up accordingly

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In case you can’t sleep on your side and have to sleep on your back, prop the head of your bed up a few inches, if possible. Having an extra pillow may also work well.

8. Change your pillows more often

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Dust mites can accumulate on your pillow and cause allergic reactions, leading to snoring. Replace your pillow at least every 6 months.

9. Get enough exercise

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Exercising your body can actually help you get rid of your snoring problem as it can tone all your muscles, preventing anything from becoming loose.

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