24-year-old Bulgarian woman wants to have the biggest lips in the world

A woman with the ‘world’s biggest lips’ has revealed she had six procedures done in single day as an ‘experiment’ – even though her usual doctor refused to do it.

Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria regularly hits the headlines due to her enhanced appearance, which has seen her fork out an estimated £20,000 on lip filler alone.

Although the 26-year-old has previously admitted she struggles to find love because of her dramatic look, it hasn’t stopped her from her goal of having the biggest lips and cheeks in the world.

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In a bid to achieve her aspiration she underwent six procedures as an ‘experiment’ in one day alone, spending an eye-watering £830 on the invasive process.

Her long list of treatments included, chin shaping, enlargement and lengthening, jaw shaping and lip augmentation, as well as cheekbone enhancement – all at once.

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‘My doctor was afraid to inject more hyaluronic acid into my lips, but I was adamant that I wanted more and I will not stop,’ Andrea said.

‘I wanted to do six procedures at once, as until now, I always did these on different areas of the face on different days.

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Revealing it was extreme, Andrea confessed that she previously only ever had a maximum of three needles in her face at the same time.

‘But this time, I wanted to experiment with myself to see how many injections and [amounts of filler] would affect my body,’ she said.

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The social media influencer even had to seek out a doctor in Germany to do the procedures on February 21, 2024, as her usual surgeon outright refused.

And even though Andrea was excited about the experience, she confessed it had been extremely painful – more so than usual.

‘I have pain all over my face right now and my jaw and chin hurt a lot,’ she said.

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‘It’s hard for me to smile because of the pain in my cheekbones and there’s a pulling sensation over my face.’

However she believes this feeling is normal after treatment because the ‘filler hasn’t settled into place’.

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Divulging that it is currently difficult for her to eat at the moment, Andrea is adamant her lips ‘don’t hurt’.

She added: ‘I only feel a slight discomfort, but that’s where I have the most amount of filler and where I’ve had injections the most amount of times.

‘The more filler there is, the less the area hurts.’

Despite the pain, Andrea doesn’t have any plans to slow down or reduce her voluptuous look.

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The former philosophy student planned to go to Germany to visit the same surgeon as her usual doctor is sceptical about going forward with her transformation.

But now even the German medical practitioner has revealed their concerns.

‘I had no fears about having so many injections at once because I trust my doctor and they are a great professional in cosmetic surgery,’ she said.

‘But they are afraid I’ll get necrosis and have to have the tissue surgically removed from my lips if I carry on.’

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Necrosis is the death of body tissue, which occurs when not enough blood flows to the tissue, according to the NHS.

This condition can be caused by radiation, chemicals or injury, and in some cases can be fatal.

‘There are risks involved, such as inflammation, and raised body temperature, especially with so much at once,’ she added.

‘I have facial swelling and bruising right now, which is normal, due to the many needles, but I think in a few days, I’ll recover.’

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Despite the health risks, Andrea is determined to have more filler without breaks and is already planning her next procedure.

‘You shouldn’t judge people for their looks, as it’s their taste and no one has the right to be offended because of it,’ she said

‘I think I’m going to carry on doing multiple injections in one day going forward, as it makes me very happy.’

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