21 uses for Vaseline that you didn’t know about and that will make your life easier

Vaseline is an incredible product that comes from the uniform union of saturated hydrates that come from petroleum refining. It is not a natural product, but it is still a powerful and useful ingredient in a myriad of different situations.

In this article we suggest 21 uses of Vaseline, from beauty to household cleaning, which will convince you to always have a jar of this product at home.


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  • Bronzer. Before applying bronzing cream, lubricate dry areas of skin (elbows, knees) with petroleum jelly. The cream will cover your skin evenly, and you’ll get a beautiful tan.
  • Soft scrub. Mix petroleum jelly with natural abrasive particles (sea salt, coffee, cane sugar), and use the resulting mixture as a body scrub.
  • Persistent scent. Before spraying perfume on the wrist and neck, apply some petroleum jelly to your skin. It absorbs and preserves the smell better.
  • Baby skin care. Use petroleum jelly to reduce diaper rash. Before applying it, wash the skin thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Petroleum jelly forms a barrier that will help to protect the skin from permanent exposure to moisture.

Face care

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  • Wet makeup. Apply some petroleum jelly to the eyelids before using eye shadows. The makeup will last longer and get a slight moist gloss. This remedy doesn’t cause irritation to delicate skin because it’s even used by doctors when performing certain eye treatments.
  • Eyebrows. Squeeze a drop of petroleum jelly onto a clean brush, and comb the eyebrows, giving the hairs the desired direction. It will dry, and the eyebrows will keep the correct shape for the whole day.
  • Eyelashes. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the eyelashes before going to sleep. It can help them grow faster and thicker over time.
  • Makeup removal. Soak a cotton ball with petroleum jelly, and use it to remove makeup. It removes even waterproof cosmetics. Regular use of quality petroleum jelly improves skin condition and helps you to avoid early wrinkles.
  • Lips. Using this product as a lip balm will not only protect your lips from weathering but also get rid of roughness. Add a pinch of cinnamon to the petroleum jelly, and you’ll get a lip balm that gives your lips the desired plumpness.

Hair care

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  • Styling. Rub petroleum jelly between your fingers, apply it to your hair, and style. The main thing here, as with other styling gels, is not to use too much.
  • Split ends recovery. Apply petroleum jelly to dry hair ends, and keep on for 15-20 minutes. The product seals the split ends, and after several uses the condition of the hair will be much better.
  • Hair mask. Take 1-2 spoonfuls of petroleum jelly (depending on the length of the hair), mix with a few drops of essential oil (cinnamon for sealing the shaft, sage for shine), and apply over the entire length. Wash off after 1-2 hours. To easily remove petroleum jelly, pat the hair with a paper towel and warm it with a hair dryer before washing.
  • Hair dye protection. Apply petroleum jelly to the hairline while working with henna or dye. It will protect the skin from staining.

Nail care

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  • Neat manicure. When painting the nails, apply a little petroleum jelly to the cuticle, without touching the nail. This way you prevent the nail polish from getting on the skin.
  • Cuticle care. Lubricate the cuticles with petroleum jelly every night before going to bed. This will prevent the cuticles from drying and won’t let hangnails appear.
  • Shining nails. If you regularly rub Vaseline into the nail plate, over time it will get a glossy shine and become more solid.

Household needs

  • Adding shine. Petroleum jelly will help to restore the shine of natural or artificial leather products like shoes, bags, and purses. Apply a thin layer to the surface, and after a few seconds wipe it with a natural cloth.
  • Stuck zipper. You’ll cope with a stuck zipper much more quickly if you lubricate the problem area with petroleum jelly. You can also use it for rusty buttons and furniture fittings.
  • Surface polish. Apply some petroleum jelly to a piece of flannel cloth, and use it to wipe tabletops and other wooden surfaces. Furniture will shine and stay clean for much longer because petroleum jelly forms a layer that repels dust.
  • Removing makeup stains. If you stained your clothes with lipstick or foundation, apply a little petroleum jelly to the stain. Then wash in the usual way.
  • Nail polish. In order to prevent the nail polish lid from sticking to the bottle after use, lubricate the thread inside the lid or on the bottle with petroleum jelly.