12 Exercises You Can Do While Sitting in a Chair To Burn Belly FatbAnd Slim Waist In Just Two Minutes

To get a fit body before summer, we have to make ourselves go to the gym. But sometimes we don’t have enough willpower or time to get up and do that. The solution to this problem is pretty simple. Try to do these exercises while sitting in a chair.

If you prefer home workouts, you will love these chair exercises that help burn fat! This is a full-body workout that you can do in just over two minutes. All you need is yourself and a chair, so let’s get to working out!

Try these moves from the video to get fitter without hitting the gym.


We hope you enjoyed this simple, yet effective chair exercises workout. If you’re short on time but still want an intense workout, this is the perfect routine for you! Let us know if you try it out in the comments.

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